All your results, times and travel speeds are saved in the ReDrive GPS device. The ReDrive application also allows you to conveniently view, compare and share them with your friends via social media! Remember that the application can work correctly only in conjunction with the device.

Basic application functions:

  • Creating, recording and sharing tracks
  • Acceleration measurements
  • Braking measurements
  • Measurements of time over a specified distance of 1/4 mile
  • Competition with other competitors on shared tracks
  • Dashboard displaying information about speed, travel time, changes in elevation
  • Search for tracks shared by other users

How to connect application with the device:

  1. Turn on the ReDrive GPS device.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device (smartphone, tablet).
  3. The device name appears in the application, matching the name on the back of the device.
  4. After selecting the device, the connection is made – in the application a window appears with the PIN code request, which simultaneously appears on the device’s display.
  5. Enter the PIN code on your smartphone or tablet and … enjoy your results at any time!

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