1. How to connect the application to the device

  1. Download the application from Google Play or AppStore (enter “Redrive” in the store search)
  2. Turn on the ReDrive GPS.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device (smartphone, tablet).
  4. The device name appears in the application, matching the name on the back of the device.
  5. After selecting the device, the connection is made – in the application a window appears with the PIN code request, which simultaneously appears on the device’s display.
  6. Enter the PIN code on your smartphone or tablet and … enjoy your time in ReDrive World!

Watch our video tutorial:

2. Main features of ReDrive GPS

  • Creating, recording and sharing tracks
  • Acceleration measurements
  • Braking measurements
  • Measurements of time over a specified distance of 1/4 mile
  • Competition with other people on shared routes
  • Cockpit displaying information about speed, travel time, changes in elevation
  • Search for tracks shared by other users

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3. How to mount ReDrive in the car

The Redrive set includes a mounting bracket that makes it easy to attach device anywhere. It is suggested to connect the device with the Micro USB charger to the cigarette lighter socket (without recharging the device can withstand about 8 hours on the battery).

The GPS antenna should be mounted outside the car (preferably on the roof). The antenna has a protective film against scratches, is attached thanks to a magnet and withstands speeds up to 520 km / h.

4. Using the ReDrive application

Using the ReDrive application

ReDrive application is very intuitive and easy to use. After connecting it to the device, you will gain access to all the data collected by it … and many other functions!


As soon as you log in to the application, you will find yourself in the Dasboard tab.This is the place where information about the current trip of the vehicle with the ReDrive GPS device is displayed.

At the top of the screen you can see the travel time, speed, altitude, distance.

The lower part of the screen displays graphs of changes in speed or altitude.


The next tab is Routes. Here you will find a list of your recent and favorite routes.
By using the “+” sign at the top of the screen you can also add new tracks


As the name suggests, in the Record tab, you can create new tracks. You have many options to choose from!

When you make a selection, you will go to the recording screen.


In the History tab you can check all of your recent attempts.


In the „More” tab, you will find additional informations and functions that may be usefull in using the application.

After going to Settings, you can:

  • indicate in which weather conditions you are currently driving
  • change units, theme of the application’s appearance, settings for application work in the background, sounds
  • set continuous recording
  • check the license and application version information

After opening ReDrive GPS application, you can see which device the application is connected to. In the Help tab you will find answers to frequently asked questions. The news tab is about the latest news and articles about ReDrive and motor sports.

In the My Account tab, you can create your own profile and connect the application with your social media accounts – making it faster and easier to share the best times with your friends!

5. Troubleshooting

The device is not visible in the application after updating the ReDrive firmware?

You need to remove the application from the phone and reinstall it, if the solution is not working please contact us.

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